Seed of South Sudan: Memoir of a Lost Boy Refugee

Majok Marier fled for his life across 3 countries and now brings us along in giving back to his home villages.

Seed of South Sudan: Memoir of a "Lost Boy" Refugee

"You are the Seed of Sudan," the elders told Majok Marier when he and tens of thousands of other boys were in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. This book is part of his vow to receive an education in the United States and to tell the world about his home.

This is the story of seven-year-old Marier's flight from southern Sudan to find safety from northern Sudan's attacks on his village. His story relates his tragedy-filled walk to Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya, recounts the starvation, thirst and violent death at the hands of soldiers or wild animals, and his remarkable survival. It is the first extensive "Lost Boys of Sudan" story published since the new nation of South Sudan, the result of two long civil wars with northern Sudan, was created in 2011. Other highlights:

  • details the history of African Sudan and its relationship to Egypt, including endnotes and references.
  • shows maps of the area of his journey and the new states within South Sudan
  • includes stories of NBA basketballers and many others who helped the new nation, and assesses the future for the new country.
  • sends some book proceeds to Wells for Hope, Inc. for water wells and other health improvements that will lessen the extreme burden on women in the villages near Rumbek, South Sudan.

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